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First Day of School
Fall 2013

                                                                      WHO WE ARE

     Children of the Dump is a project of Eagles on Assignment, Inc., a nonprofit corporation qualified under § 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of the United States.

           Since 2001, Children of the Dump has been providing children and families living at and around the public dump in Puerto Vallarta with food, shelter and education intended to enable the children to grow up healthy and able to escape the poverty of their surroundings.

                                                                       CONTACT US

United States and Canada:     (360) 825-1099
Toll Free (United States):       (877) 224-2792  
Local (Puerto Vallarta):           322-299-3515

Children of the Dump
718 Griffin Ave. PMB #207
Enumclaw, Washington  98022


    During summer 2013, we hosted a group of 20 volunteer students and faculty from the University of Michigan, who worked on our literacy project with the children, and provided strong backs helping to build our first earthen bag home for a dump community family.  Watch the videos of their work:

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     Ron Storer, an award-winning photojournalist, recently spent a day with us.  He photographed  the children in school, our model home project, the transfer station at the old dump, and locations around Puerto Vallarta.
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